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Seed funding for project “Intimate Energies in Domestic Spaces”

This mini-project, developed together with Abigail Harrison Moore at the University of Leeds and Ruth Sandwell at the University of Toronto, has been selected for funding as part of the Intersecting Energy Cultures Working Group at the Penn Program for Environmental Humanities. Our project uses the lens of energy practices to re-explore guidebooks, recipe-books, novels, other […]

Critical PetroAesthetics Collaboratory Workshop in Oslo

The Critical PetroAesthetics group led by Sissel Furuseth at the University of Oslo has been a really constructive force in my thinking – especially during the pandemic, when our online reading group and discussions were a mainstay. So I’m thrilled to be able to spend non-virtual time with my colleagues and friends in Oslo this […]

New article – reading Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy novels as petrofiction

“Sweat, Light, and Oil: Seeing the Energy in Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy Novels” was published in the open-access journal Edda last month. In this article I examine Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy novels (De usynlige (2013), Hvitt hav (2015), Rigels øyne (2017) and Bare en mor (2020)) for their depiction of energetic processes. I argue that these novels are examples of petrofiction, arising out of […]

More oil & gender…

…this time in Würzburg. Looking forward to discussing the topic with the participants and with the fabulous Julia Leyda in the Environmental Humanities workshop series on 19 May.

NoRS-EH Doctoral School in Trondheim

This week I am in Trondheim for a five-day interdisciplinary doctoral school organised by NoRS-EH and hosted by NTNU Trondheim. Brilliant people and some exciting discussions so far, I’m looking forward to my own session on energy tomorrow.


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