Author: katieritson

  • Critical PetroAesthetics Collaboratory Workshop in Oslo

    The Critical PetroAesthetics group led by Sissel Furuseth at the University of Oslo has been a really constructive force in my thinking – especially during the pandemic, when our online reading group and discussions were a mainstay. So I’m thrilled to be able to spend non-virtual time with my colleagues and friends in Oslo this […]

  • New article – reading Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy novels as petrofiction

    “Sweat, Light, and Oil: Seeing the Energy in Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy Novels” was published in the open-access journal Edda last month. In this article I examine Roy Jacobsen’s Barrøy novels (De usynlige (2013), Hvitt hav (2015), Rigels øyne (2017) and Bare en mor (2020)) for their depiction of energetic processes. I argue that these novels are examples of petrofiction, arising out of […]

  • Project presentation in Freiburg

    On 23 June I will present my project at the Environmental Humanities Lunchtime Colloquium in Freiburg. Looking forward to an interesting discussion!

  • More oil & gender…

    …this time in Würzburg. Looking forward to discussing the topic with the participants and with the fabulous Julia Leyda in the Environmental Humanities workshop series on 19 May.

  • NoRS-EH Doctoral School in Trondheim

    This week I am in Trondheim for a five-day interdisciplinary doctoral school organised by NoRS-EH and hosted by NTNU Trondheim. Brilliant people and some exciting discussions so far, I’m looking forward to my own session on energy tomorrow.

  • EASLCE webinar

    Together with my partner in crime Julia Leyda I will be hosting the 19th EASLCE webinar on 31 March. We will be getting stuck in to Cara Daggett’s concept of petro-masculinity and asking questions about oil and gender in European texts and films/TV. More info here:

  • Book review of David Larsson Heidenblad Den gröna vändningen

    I recently had the chance to read this book by David Larsson Heidenblad. You can read my review of it for H-Soz-Kult here.

  • Oil Spaces webinar

    I’m a listed speaker at this event on 13 December 2021.

  • Review of Shifting Sands

    I’m really pleased to see a new review of my book in the journal Literary Geographies – it seems like the natural home for it, and I’m happy to see the book still circulating almost three years after it was published. You can read the review here:

  • New article in Maritime Studies

    “Imagining the Anthropocene with the Wadden Sea,” which I co-authored together with Eveline de Smalen, was published on 17 September 2021 as part of a special issue of Maritime Studies. It is open access and free to download here as part of a special interdisciplinary issue on the Wadden Sea.